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All your creative brain-tools for creating super-memorable brand voices

What's here?

Nick Parker here. I give copywriters, marketers and brand folk the brain-tools to craft different and distinctive brand voices.

The 11 Primary Voices

Is the mental model that gives you a clear, simple and creatively powerful way of thinking about distinctive tones of voice. It's the secret brain-sauce that many of the world's best copywriters use to boost their creative thinking.


Using the 11 Primary Voices, Voicebox is the complete method for finding, creating, defining and using a brand tone of voice. Used all over the world by copywriters, agencies and brands to nail their voice.

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'We've got frameworks and mental models to help us think better about just about everyting – yet somehow copywriting got left behind. Not any more.
Chris Moody
Chief Design Officer, Wolff Olins
'Thjs is copywriting's most profound, useful – and fun – mental model. My clients love it. It helps create better work. Absolutely indispensable.'
Katherine Wildman
Founder, Haydn Grey
Nick's stuff is as insightful, helpful and fun as you'd expect from the man behind the frankly genius Tone Knob newsletter.
Dave Harland
The Wordman
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